Determine underlying health issues & how to heal your body naturally

Nutrition Response Testing involves the measurement of a client’s neurological reflexes using known acupuncture points that correlate directly to the regulatory functions of each and every organ in his/her body.
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I have a really good feeling of health!

I’ve been with Kathy Stricker at DayStar Natural for about four months. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I had a well feeling about myself being able to cook a big family dinner – a really good feeling of health about myself that I haven’t had for a very long time. I gave myself enough time. I planned, and I felt good while cooking this meal. We have a lot going on in the family, stressful things. But, in spite of that, I had this under-girding of well-being in my body and I don’t know that I’ve had that for a very long time, maybe never. Nutrition Response Testing is working!

Diane Snyder

I have come a long way!

Thanks for your help and patience with me as another year rolls by. I’m not as healthy as I could be, but because of you [Nutrition Response Testing], I have come a long way!

Bonnie L.