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Safe, Subtle, Gentle, yet Powerful

Flower Essenece Therapy was discovered by Dr. Thomas Bach while practicing medicine in England circa 1929. His research and findings are summarized in the basis of this theory: The cycle of a disease begins in correlation to the characteristic of a disease and the emotional-mental conflict. Emotional poisons are injected into the blood stream and the chemistry is unbalanced, thus stressing the physical body. When stress plays a role, disease is manifested.

Dr. Cheryl Townsley wrote in her book, Discovering Wholeness: “From the 24th week on, the baby can hear and begin to distinguish sounds. Research has proven the unborn baby can feel the emotions of the mother. A mother’s stress produces chemicals that flow into the baby as easily as nutrients.” Emotions are stimulated while in our mother’s womb.

Life’s experiences result in emotional stagnation. Our perceptions are stored in the cells as memory. The earlier the experience, the deeper the character flaws, emotional overload, or troubling disease.Flower Essence Remedies positively influence our emotions promoting a healthy sense of well being – “a bouquet of liquid flowers.” Negative responses unconsciously held captive are released. As we move forward and set up positive patterns, the quality of our life is enhanced.

Document desired changes in your life through safe, subtle, gentle, yet powerful Flower Essence Remedies.

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I run to DayStar Natural instead!

My son had Lyme’s disease. So, I went running to the pediatrician. He put him on two different antibiotics, which had terrible side effects including severe sun sensitivity and vomiting. Then my daughter was diagnosed with Lyme’s disease after that. I brought her to DayStar Natural instead and treated her naturally. She recovered completely with no side effects. So, now instead of running to the doctor for antibiotics, I run to DayStar Natural!

Kathryn Smith

My son is making progress!

I started bringing my son, Arthur, to Daystar Natural because he had not grown in 6 months. Within 3 weeks after starting a program, he grew one inch! He has been focusing much better in school and doing his homework and chores without me even asking!

Emily Hamilton